Building back a strong
and resilient community

Donegall Pass Community Enterprise Ltd (DPCE) was formed to undertake regeneration activities to benefit communities residing in the Donegall Pass and the surrounding area.

The Board of Directors of DPCE are a group of individuals who are passionate  and committed to working on behalf of local people to create opportunities which aim to ensure a safe, vibrant, sustainable place for all to live, play, and grow. The board has strong connections to Donegall Pass and have a good understanding of the environment and opportunities.

Over the past few years, the Board of DPCE has focused on engaging with local communities, Urban Villages, and wider stakeholders with the aim of playing a central role in identifying key areas within Donegall Pass for development. The primary priority has been to secure a commitment to develop a Good Relations Community Hub on the former PSNI site which will play a central role in regenerating local lives. 


Our work will be guided by our commitment to the following principles:
Transparency – we will strive to act honestly, independently, and openly. We are committed to living our values and ideals through everything we do.
Inclusivity – we will respect people, value diversity and Innovation are committed to good relations – to ensure our work is inclusive and recognises the needs of everyone in our community.
Innovation – we champion informed change and will place community insight, creativity, and innovation at the heart of our regeneration strategy.
Leadership – we will strive to have the strength and courage to lead the way in our community to shape a better future.


Themes & Aims

Building back a strong and resilient community

A fully involved and inspired community

Sustainable income generation

Good governance and leadership